Something strange is going on with my YouTube channel. Two videos have appeared that I don’t remember putting there and, even stranger yet, I can’t seem to get rid of them. Though the subject matter is unremarkable, even mundane, there’s something about them that leaves a knot in my stomach—some vague sense of malevolence. The picture quality is awful and the audio tracks are just thumping noises and atonal clatterings, but the strange writings that appear at the side of the screen stirs something deep inside my brain. Some primordial instinct that most of us have lost touch with, I suspect.

The first one depicts a colony of ants and their young. The video appears to be running in reverse for some reason. Toward the end (actually the beginning, I suppose) a beetle crawls out of (into) a hole in the lower left corner and trundles backwards (forward). I don’t understand the significance.

The second video appears to be one vehicle following another. The one in the lead has been obscured by a blurred circle for reasons unknown. It’s winter time and they seem to be out in the country somewhere, perhaps looking for something? Again, strange writing appears on the screen, like ancient runes. I can’t imagine what it all means. It’s like some unseen observer has been studying the footage and making notes.

I’m beginning to wonder if this is going to be a regular thing? Until I have more time to study them, I’m going to keep them in the Artifacts area of my site. Maybe they’ll add up to something eventually. If nothing else, they’ll make an interesting, if slightly ominous, conversation piece. Stay tuned…

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